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Donation Methods

Family Watch is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and donations are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers to the extent allowed by law.

For information on how to make your donation by bank wire, email accounting@familywatch.org

Sponsorship Levels

Forum Sponsors:
Bronze Forum Sponsor – $10,000 or more
Silver Forum Sponsor – $20,000 or more
Gold Forum Sponsor – $30,000 or more
Diamond Forum Sponsor – $50,000 or more
Delegate Sponsors:


Silver Delegate Sponsor – $1,500 

Your Silver Delegate Sponsorship provides airfare, hotel, meals and Forum materials for ONE delegate.

Gold Delegate Sponsor – $3,000
Your Gold Delegate Sponsorship provides airfare, hotel, meals and Forum materials for TWO delegates.
Diamond Delegate Sponsor – $4,500 
Your Diamond Delegate Sponsorship provides airfare, hotel, meals and all Forum materials for THREE delegates.

Why Are Sponsors Needed?

Family Watch International invites leading government officials to attend our Forums at no cost to the diplomat.  We recognize the significance of bringing pro-family government leaders to a central location to receive essential training and education and to strategize current and upcoming threats to the family.  We want to bring as many friendly diplomats as possible to our Forums to provide them with the training and resources they need at the UN and in their governments to defend and support the traditional family against radical activists who want to see the family dismantled in the U.S. and abroad.



The majority of these UN Missions represent countries that are still developing or underdeveloped.  Their UN Missions in New York and Geneva are very underfunded and operate with minimal staff, sometimes with only one or two diplomats managing all of the UN meetings. Quite simply, the funding for additional training and development is not available.


For these reasons, FWI covers all travel and lodging costs for each diplomat who attends our event, which is $1,500 per diplomat.

Through the generosity of sponsors who are willing to cover the cost of one or more diplomats or make contributions to partially cover a diplomat’s expenses, we are able to include every diplomat we believe can make a difference in the fight to protect the family.


Sponsors also receive special recognition at the Forum and in our program materials. Sponsors who also choose to host will be given first selection when delegate assignments are made.


Donations of any amount are welcome!

We appreciate your consideration of becoming a sponsor of the Global Family Policy Forum.

Questions?  Contact Sharon Moss at 480.720.1820 or s.moss@familywatch.org

P:  +1 (480) 507-2664    |    E:  fwi@familywatchinternational.org

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