NGO Agreement | Global Family Policy Forum
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The purpose of the Global Family Policy Forum is to educate and motivate UN Member State delegates to stand for marriage, family and life issues in UN negotiations. Due to the very limited time with our government diplomats at the Forum, all NGO participants agree to the following:


Global Family Policy Forum NGO Participant Agreement


I understand that the Global Family Policy Forum convened by Family Watch International is being held for United Nations diplomats and that I am invited to register and attend the Forum as a guest observer. In order to ensure that 1) delegates have sufficient time during the Forum to discuss family policy issues among themselves; 2) delegates are able to focus primarily on the information formally presented by the Forum speakers, and 3) the security and privacy of the delegates is maintained, I agree to the following:


1.)  Not to intervene in panel discussions among government delegates, ask questions of the speakers during their presentations, or make other interventions during the Forum sessions unless NGOs are invited by the moderator to do so.


2.)  Not to arrange private meetings with delegates that would occur at any time during the two days the Forum will be held either before or after the sessions or in the evening as delegates have requested this time to able to meet with each other and do not want to be pressured by NGOs at the Forum;


3.)  Not to lobby UN delegates on specific policy issues, initiatives or documents during the Forum;


4.)  Not to record or photograph any portion of the Forum;


5.)  Not to publicize or share either verbally or in writing, publicly or privately, any information regarding the following:


♦  The names of delegates, countries, NGO representatives, organizations, speakers or presenters participating in the Global Family Policy Forum;


♦  The presentations, discussions, or comments made by government representatives or others participating in the Forum; and


♦  Your participation and/or your organization’s participation in the Global Family Policy Forum.  (Family Watch International will likewise not be publicizing the Forum to our general membership.)


6.)  I understand that I am encouraged to develop relationships with delegates and otherwise network during designated opportunities for NGO participation including Forum breaks, activities and meals. During these times, I am free to explain the general nature of the policy work that I and my organization engage in. I am also free to set up appointments to meet with delegates after they return to New York or Geneva.


7.)  I understand that if I violate any part of this agreement I may be asked to leave the Forum, that neither I nor my organization will be able to attend future Forums, and that I will forfeit the registration fee.

NGO Agreement