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Forum Youth Page Program

Family Watch is looking for a few young people to serve as volunteer PAGES during the meetings.


Mature and dependable young people 16 years and older.

Pages will serve inside the Forum meetings and be in contact with the diplomats who are attending the meetings.

Youth Page Program Details & Application

What are “YOUTH PAGES" and what do they do?

Youth Page duties consist primarily of being quietly available in or near the conference room and in being alert and ready for the tasks, big or small that might be given to them.


During times when Pages are not needed to assist with the program, they will have a designated area where they can participate in youth discussions and learn more about the work of Family Watch and the issues impacting the family today.


Other duties include:

  • Serving as Greeters/Ushers in the mornings (directing guests to the ballroom)
  • Preparing material to be distributed
  • Handing out materials at the appropriate time during the discussions
  • Bringing water bottles to the tables
  • Bringing messages to and from various participants to the podium, etc.
  • Tidying up the room in between sessions
  • Straightening chairs
  • Taking out trash
  • Assisting Forum staff as requested through the meetings
Dress & Appearance for Youth Pages


  • A suit is preferred, but not required
  • White dress shirt with a tie (NO POLOS
  • Nice slack with a belt (NO JEANS OR SHORTS)
  • Shirt neatly tucked into pants



  • Dress or blouse and skirt combination
  • Tops should have at least cap sleeves
  • Tops should not be tight fitting
  • No high heels
  • No excessive jewelry



  • Dress shoes (NO tennis shoes, flip flops or open back sandals)
  • Shoes should be neatly polished and clean of dirt
  • Shoes MUST be comfortable (Pages will be standing for majority of the time)



  • General good hygiene
  • Hair neatly combed and styled (no messy buns)
  • No extreme hairstyles or colors
  • Make up for girls should be simple and natural looking
  • Perfumes or Colognes should not be heavy
Where & When Are Pages Needed


The Crowne Plaza San Marcos Resort

1 North San Marcos Place

Chandler, Arizona



FORUM SESSIONS: Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19


Full-Day Shift:  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Half-Day Morning Shift:  7:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Half-Day Afternoon Shift:  12:30 PM to 6:00 PM


Pages are invited to a recommended but optional reception on Wed. Jan. 18 at 7:30 PM at 926 E Juanita in Gilbert, 85234 (Slater’s home). A dinner at American Leadership Academy – Gilbert North Campus on Friday is optional

Attitude & Behavior Expectations of Youth Pages

Youth Pages, represent not only themselves but Family Watch and American teenagers. They have a tremendous responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner that is polite and well mannered.


Youth Pages are expected to:

  • Be polite, courteous, and cheerful at all times.
  • Be ready to help with any task asked of them.
  • Be respectful of guests, even when opinions differ on issues.
  • NOT DEBATE with any of the Forum guests.
  • NOT try to assert their personal opinions on any policy matter toward any of the Forum guests.
  • When performing tasks, to do so quietly so as not to disturb the guests nearby.
  • When not needed, youth pages will sit quietly and listen.
  • When seated, Youth Pages should not slouch in seats, sit on the floor, or maintain a posture that would make them appear bored or disengaged from the presentations.
  • Be respectful and quiet inside the conference room.
  • Be awake and alert during their shifts.
  • NOT to use phones or other devices for texting, callings, internet browsing, or any other activity during their shift.
  • Phones will be kept turned off when they are in the conference room.
  • Will not take any pictures of the forum guests, speakers, or presentations.
  • Will NOT post any Forum information or pictures to any social media sites before, during, or after the Forum.
  • Will only eat in designated volunteer areas during breaks after all the guests have been served.
  • NOT chew gum or candy


Youth Pages must have a clear understanding that attitude and the way they present themselves can influence the way delegates view Family Watch International, the United States, and American Teenagers as a whole. Youth Pages should do all in their power to represent this organization and this country in a positive and honorable manner.

Security & Privacy of Diplomats

In order to protect the safety of the government officials, NO FORUM PARTICIPANT IS PERMITTED TO POST:

  • Pictures or Videos
  • Comments
  • Experiences
  • Presentations
  • or ANY portion of the Forum

on any social media platform.

Parent Permission (for youth under 18)

Parents of Youth Page applicants, under the age of 18, understand that sensitive topics are likely to be addressed during the Forum program that is not necessarily appropriate for children.  As a Youth Page, their child may be present for all or part of those presentations in order to complete their duties as pages.


Parents will be required to complete the online application with their youth and grant permission for them to participate in the Forum meetings.

Questions & Contacts

If you have questions about the Youth Page program you may contact Kori Littler at (480) 250-4633 / or Annie Franklin at (480)332-4967 /

Benefits of Serving as a Youth Page

What’s in it for you?

  • Meet people from over 40 countries and be the young face of Arizona for them.
  • Cool Service hours. You will receive a letter thanking you for your service, and the reference letter can be used in a college application.
  • Gain a better understanding of important issues throughout the world.
  • Witness diplomats in discussion and debate about issues relating to the family.
  • You will be invited to some of the social activities around the Forum.

Just for Fun!

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