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Volunteer for the Forum!

For the Global Policy Forum, volunteers are needed to help with many tasks. Some are of short duration, others are for full-day or half-day shifts.


The list below details a sampling of jobs in areas where we routinely need volunteers.


Responsible young adults are welcome to volunteer.


Business attire (Sunday dress) is required for all volunteers on-site at the Forum venue.



General Forum Support Volunteers


We have full-day as well as half-day shifts available on both Thursday and Friday of the Forum.  If you can donate the full day, you will be involved in a variety of duties and experiences. We prefer full-day volunteers, as this helps with continuity and cuts down on the amount of traffic, thus reducing distractions to our diplomats


Full-Day Shift:  7:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Half-Day Morning Shift:  7:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Half-Day Afternoon Shift:  12:00 PM to 6:00 PM


General Volunteer responsibilities include the following:


Dining Room Support

Help in the dining room during breakfast and lunch to keep the buffet table stocked, tables bused, trash removed, etc.

Time frame:  7:00 AM- 9:00 AM, and Noon – 2:000 PM


Directional Leaders

Directional leaders assist delegates, speakers, guests, sponsors and volunteers to know where to go.

Time frame:  Half-day and full-day shifts available.


Event Check-in Support

Volunteers will be stationed at tables to assist Forum guests with check-in and to hand out materials throughout the day.

Time frame:  Half-day and full-day shifts available.


Host Coordinator Support

Volunteers will assist our Host Coordinator with various administrative responsibilities.

Time frame:  Prefer full-day volunteer


Production Volunteers:

Volunteers are needed to assist with staging, AV, production, and set-up (technical knowledge not required).

Time frame:  Half-day and full-day shifts available.


Standby Support:

Standby volunteers are needed to do a variety of tasks that arise during the Forum. Tasks may include running errands, assisting diplomats, providing transportation, making copies, and generally filling in wherever there is a need.

Time frame:  Half-day and full-day shifts available.  




Vehicles & Drivers

Large passenger vans or other multi-passenger vehicles (with drivers) are needed to shuttle guests between the hotel and  Rockin’ R Ranch on Friday evening. Drivers and vehicles will need to be available from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM.




A few youth volunteers are needed to work as pages. We are looking for mature and dependable young people 16 years old and above.  Pages will serve inside the Forum meetings, where they will assist with distribution of material and other tasks, such as handling microphones and relaying messages.


Parental permission will be required for pages under the age of 18.


Youth interested in being a page should contact Annie Franklin at annie@azfranklin.com to receive an application form and more detailed information.

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